"It's not what you say YES to that defines you but what you say NO to..."

Joseph T. Hackett is the Executive Director of Green Opportunities, Western North Carolina's premier job training and placement program. He is a social scientist with specialties in economic development, adult education, and leadership bridging the gap between cultures and generations. He is the founding director of Blue Ridge Christian Leadership Center; the establishmentarian of Leviticus International Network – a ministry spanning USA, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania; and the founder of a community-based counseling agency.



As a non-profit executive, he provides leadership in community economic development connecting low-wealth communities with resources for success and sustainability. His affinity for effective programming is celebrated in both the public and private sectors mobilizingMillenialss and advocating for underprivileged communities.

His scholarship lies in Intergenerational Leadership Development, Translating Ancient Principles for Contemporary Application, and Activistic Trauma: the PTSD associated with advocating for others. Hackett was educated at the University of North Carolina – Asheville, University of Ghana- Legon, and Duke University.